Palm Springs Colors

Inspired by memorable lightings around the country during COVID, two Palm Springs residents have taken the idea to heart – and to home.

Begun on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2021, Alfredo Casuso & David Perry light up the LED powered palm trees in front of their Los Compadres home in ever changing rainbow hues to mark important days in history, national commemorations honoring nonprofits and charities and other significant dates.

It’s an idea they hope will grow and get picked up and magnified at a community and official level.



May 12: International Nurses Day (LIGHT BLUE)

May 14: Founding of Israel Day (BLUE & WHITE)

May 18 - National Armed Forces Day (RED, WHITE & BLUE) 

April 2: World Autism Awareness Day & Month (BLUE)

March 1: St. David's Day, Patron of Wales (RED & GREEN)

March 8: International Woman's Day (WHITE)

March 17: St. Patrick's Day (GREEN)

March 19: First Day of Springs (YELLOW)

March 30: Transgender Day of Visibility (PINK & BLUE)

March 31: Easter (PINK)

February 1 - 8; 11 - 29: Black History Month (Red / Yellow / Green)

February 9 & 10: Lunar New Year “Year of the Dragon” (Red)

February 24: Anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine (BLUE & YELLOW)

January 15: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (RED / WHITE / BLUE)

January 27: Holocaust Memorial Day (BLUE)


December 7 - 15: Hanukkah (BLUE)

December 16 - 31: Christmas & New Years (RED & GREEN)

November 12 - 16: Diwali "Festival of Lights" (RED & DEEP BLUE)

November 18: National Adoption Day: (WHITE)

November 20: UNESCO World Children’s Day (BLUE)

November 23: Thanksgiving (ORANGE)

November 24: Native American Day (GREEN)

October 1: Raccoon Awareness Day (GOLD & WHITE)

October 7: Ageing Awareness Day (BLUE)

October 9: Indigenous Peoples Day (GREEN)

October 11: National Coming Out Day (PURPLE)

October 12: Spain’s National Day (RED & GOLD)

September 9: (purple) in recognition of Suicide Prevention Month

September 10: (gold) in recognition of Pediatric Cancer Awareness

September 11: (blue) 9/11 Memoriam

September 15: (green/white/red) in recognition of the National Day of Mexico

September 21: (white) World Peace Day

August 10 — White: In memory of those lost in the Maui, Hawai’i firestorm 

August 15 — Green / White / Red: Ferrogosto Italian Celebration 

August 21 — Blue: National Senior Citizens Day

August 24 — Blue / Yellow: Ukrainian Independence Day

August 26 — White: Womens Equality Day

July 3: Red / Gold (colors of the flag of Spain) - July 3, 2005, Spain becomes 4th country to legalize same-sex marriage.

July 4: red/white/blue – United States Independence Day

July 14: red/white/blue – in recognition of the National Day of France

July 26: purple – in recognition of the 33rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

July 28: red/white – in recognition of the National Day of Peru